Special Guests

Sandy King Carpenter

Known as Mother production by her crew. Sandy has had her hand in the Horror genre for over 40 years. Best known for such films as Ghosts of Mars, They Live, Village of the Damned and more.  Sandy will be available for Photo Ops and Autographs.

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Naomi Grossman

Naomi is best known for her role as Pepper in the American Horror story series. Although she was born in Denver , this will be her first show in her home state. She is excited to meet you and will be available for autographs and photos.

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A live action interactive saw game for fans. Find the clues and save a life 

Michael Myers Diorama

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A life size Michael Myers diorama for photo ops.

Jeepers Creepers Diorama

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A life size Creeper diorama for photo ops.

Child's Play Diorama


A life size Good Guy Doll Box for photo ops.


A classic red and white 1958 Plymouth Fury named Christine, licence number CQB 241, a car that seems to have a mind of its own and a jealous, possessive personality, Photo ops and rides available.



When we’re talking about iconic cars, it’s impossible not to mention the 1967 Chevrolet Impala from Supernatural. The CW show portrayed the car as part of the family and a third leading character, and it was lovingly nicknamed “Baby.” Photo ops and rides available.


Bite Me Cake Company

Do you love pinball ? We do. Our friends over at Bite Me are bringing a few Scary machines to the show. No quarters needed. Check out their booth and grab a treat while you're there.

Big Papa's Grill

Known for big flavor and the legendary no chip left behind rule. Big Papa is cooking up a horror filled menu to both delight and terrify your taste buds.

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Killer Clowns Diorama

An interactive Full scale set with live actors presented by a staple in the community the Phobia Family. They will be on scene raising money for local sports youth teams. Stop by their booth and make a donation.

Soco Photo & Events


Do you dream of being in a horror movie ? Well now you can. Soco photo will be on hand to create the perfect digital background for your copslay. Edited images on site and emailed to you within minutes.


Cosplay Guests

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Killer Cutie Cosplay

Cosplaying for 8 years now ,Amanda has a knack for the Horror Genre. Inspired by movies such as Land of The Dead, Trick R Treat, Friday The 13th and more. Be sure to stop by her booth at the show. Amanda will be doing tutorials on horror makeup

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